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Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

Momentive Performance Materials is the world’s second-largest producer of silicones and silicone derivatives and a global leader in the development and manufacture of products derived from quartz and specialty ceramics. 

Headquartered in Albany, New York, in the center of New York State’s vibrant Tech Valley region, Momentive’s advanced materials are used in thousands of products that support and enhance everyday life. Since developing the process that launched the commercial production of silicones in 1940, Momentive, through its heritage companies, has been at the forefront of innovation in the industry with the distinction of being first to market with science-based solutions for improving the performance and durability of consumer and industrial products.

By helping customers solve a wide range of design, engineering and manufacturing challenges, Momentive’s silicone, quartz and specialty ceramics solutions allow for new product developments and breakthroughs across virtually all industries. There is hardly any industry, including emerging ones such as solar energy, that is untouched by what Momentive does. Even the boots that enabled man to walk on the moon for the first time in 1969 featured silicone rubber soles made possible by Momentive, then known as GE Silicones. 

Momentive produces products across the Americas, Europe and Asia through its network of 25 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities strategically located around the world and supported by world-class research centers and approximately 4,500 dedicated employees. Momentive was created from the sale of GE Advanced Materials in December 2006 and is owned by an affiliate of the private investment firm Apollo Management, L.P.

Global Headquarters:
Albany, New York

Momentive, President and CEO:
Jonathan Rich, PhD

Number of Employees: 4,600

Global Manufacturing Locations: 25

2009 Revenue: $2.1 Billion

Customers Served:
11,800 in more than 100 countries